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About Nordik Café

Our mission

Since 2019, Nordik Café has become the den of coffee and delicious brunch enthusiasts. As a micro-torrefactor in the heart of the neighborhood, our goal is to turn every visit into an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Every cup of our specialty coffee and every brunch concocted on site embodies our commitment to quality and gustatory pleasure, defining the essence of Nordik Café.

Why Nordik?

The roasting of specialty coffee at Nordik Café blends perfectly with the Nordic essence of our name, despite our different geographical origins.

In Nordic culture, coffee symbolizes conviviality. Our "light roast" coffee, much appreciated in Scandinavian countries, offers a clear, delicate beverage, without bitterness, with fruity or floral notes, ideal for filter coffee makers.

Meet Us


It's a family story, passionate about sharing memorable moments. Pierre-Luc, a trained chef with an eagerness to learn, is the brains behind our place where flavors dance and everyone feels at home.


Édith, accomplice and little sister, instills our family spirit and welcomes you with a warmth worthy of a visit to friends. Every nook and cranny of Le Nordik resonates with their story, marking their deep desire to make you experience a beautiful moment.

They love more than anything to show you their "home", to see you gathered around a table where the pleasures of taste reign supreme. Or watching you savor their locally roasted coffee, an invitation to conviviality and hospitality. It's their way of sharing their passion for food and for all those who enjoy it.

So take a seat, grab a cup of our delicious coffee, and feel right at home. Here, the warm welcome and delicate flavors offer you a parenthesis of happiness every time you visit.