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Specialty coffee proudly roasted in Blainville

We're a small roaster and restaurant in the heart of Blainville. Try our coffees now!

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Have you heard of Nordic roasting?

Nordic style isn't just about roasting lightly or quickly. It's about representing the natural characteristics of coffee, highlighting the nuanced flavors and aromas of its origin, variety and terroir.

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Our current favourites

Espresso Nordik (South America) Image
South America
Mexicain Mountain water Decaf Image
Mexico - Chiapas
 Mi-Noir (Full-bodied / Varied Origins) Image
Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia

Coffee born of passion

Since 2019, Nordik Café, a micro-torrefactor, has been offering gourmet experiences with its specialty coffees and delicious brunches.

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Espresso Nordik (South America) image

Espresso Nordik (South America)

South America
Cocoa Caramel Hazelnut Creamy
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Come and taste our coffees and dishes

We are committed to quality and taste pleasure, and offer roasted coffees, artisanal products, and imported wines in our boutique. Join us for memorable moments and savor the authenticity and conviviality of our offerings.

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