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 Mi-Noir (Full-bodied / Varied Origins) image

Mi-Noir (Full-bodied / Varied Origins)

Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia
Dark Chocolate Spicy Creamy
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Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia
Taste profile: Dark Chocolate, Spicy, Unctuous
Region: Sumatra, Harrar
Process: Washed and Natural

Our only coffee to contain 25% Robusta, which makes it our most caffeinated blend. Coming from the Indian highlands of Karnataka, Kaapi Royale Robusta has a very high aromatic intensity. Characterized by a very low acidity and a perfect balance between caramelized taste and a persistent dark chocolate finish, it is blended here with a classic Indonesian, Colombian and Ethiopian Harrar to create a perfectly balanced coffee that is delicious in a filter and tasty in a cup of latte.

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