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El Mornarca, Honduras

Honduras - Chaguite, La Paz
Nectarine Cane sugar Chocolate 70%
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Origins: Chaguite, La Paz, Honduras
Taste profile: Nectarine - Cane sugar - Chocolate 70%
Variety: IH-90
Process: whashed


Isidro Rodriguez bought his farm (EL MONARCA) in 2014, the variety IH-90 was already planted there, a hybrid genetic between Timor and Caturra. It was designed by the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) to resist coffee leaf rust, a plant disease that is widespread in this area.
The coffee cherries are harvested at full maturity by a team of 15
pickers, including his brothers and father. The cherries are then floated in bins and left to ferment for 24 hours. They are then pulped and undergo a dry fermentation of 25-30 hours. Once washed, the coffee is placed on raised beds for 2 days in full sun to
drop the moisture quickly, before being moved to solar dryers where it is dried for another 15 days.

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