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Francisco Garciá, Guatemala

Guatemala, Huehuetenango
Chocolate almond Pear Balanced
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Introducing Francisco Garciá, a coffee made using traditional Guatemalan methods: ripe cherries are hand-picked, pulped and fermented, then washed and dried.   

Finca Pojoptetac is a 6-hectare sanctuary nestled in the heart of one of Guatemala's finest coffee-growing regions. For over four generations, the Garciá family has cherished the land as sacred. The name Pojoptetac describes an untouched forest brimming with strength and power. Under the direction of Walter Francisco Garciá, Finca Pojoptetac produces 88 bags of top-quality coffee every year.

Huehuetenango is a high-altitude region with a unique microclimate in Guatemala's rugged highlands. The combination of cool nights, warm days, rich volcanic soil and meticulous cultivation has made this region one of the world's finest for fine Arabica. Vibrant acidity, fruity nuances and lingering caramel sweetness characterize the Huehuetenango cup - a testament to the art and dedication of the region's coffee growers.
Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango
Taste profile: Chocolate almond, pear, balanced
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache
Process: Washed

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